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Senin, 05 April 2010

Good Bye My Younger Brother ….

Younger Brother
I fell yearn for you
You remember
We always noisy
I make you angry
Alternatively, you make me angry
            Younger Brother
            You know
            We all in here yearn for you
            Mother, Father, Brother, Younger sister especially me
Younger Brother
In here Father lonely
He is not male friend
In house he together with me, mother and younger sister
Average brother…he must look for knowledge in city come out
            Younger Brother
            Why you go not message
            Not speak certain to me
            I have not sufficient time say sorry to you     
Younger Brother
I don’t know what can I do for you
When I look you silent stiff in front of me
What I have to cried because I loss you
But tears not make you return
            Younger Brother
If time can I turning
            I wish become the best sister for you
            I wish you know all of them about me
            I wish I always made you feel so happy
Younger Brother
I sure you happy in there
Because a long as you life in world very good people
Evidence when you move in new house all people see of you
Is very beautiful
            Younger Brother
            I sure, when we will meet again
            We will come together again
            And that will not long again
Younger Brother
Remember you must always pray we in here
We will always pray in here to you
I hope you feel so happy in there
Because we feel so happy in here
I love you
All people always love you

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